The Christmas Season Is Coming: Plan Your Mocktails Now!


Do you want to cut down on how much alcohol you’re drinking in the run up to Christmas or find creative non-alcoholic drinks for women planning pregnancies, or women who are pregnant?  You’re not alone, but with so many Christmas cocktails and drinks on the shelves it can seem hard to find another option.

Making your own Christmas mocktails is a great alternative to alcohol that will keep you feeling festive and healthier in the run up to the big day. So we thought we’d share some of our favourites for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re organising a reduced alcohol dinner party or simply trying to cut down over the festive season, you’ll find tasty, refreshing and comforting options here.




Orange & Cranberry Spritz

Orange and cranberry are flavours made for the festive season and you’ll be glad to hear that mocktail-making doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply pour smooth orange juice, cranberry juice and sparkling elderflower into each glass, add ice and swirl around for a refreshing fruity twist without the hangover.

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Virgin Bloody Mary

It’s a classic Christmas cocktail without the vodka, but with the flavours in this glass you won’t miss the alcohol. This Virgin Bloody Mary is guaranteed to have everyone warm and cosy in no time. We suggest serving in mason jars for a quirky touch!

virgin mary

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Harry Potter Butterbeer

Here’s a treat for the die-hard Harry Potter fans in your life. It might take you a little longer to make but the creaminess is worth waiting for. Let’s face it; you can’t get much more magical than this at Christmas time. The cocktail drinkers are bound to be jealous.


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Crockpot Hot Toddy

Here’s one to warm you up at the end of a day out Christmas shopping. The Crockpot Hot Toddy combines warm herbal tea with ginger, cinnamon and honey for a healthier end to a festive day. Let it brew for a couple of hours to enhance the flavours to their full potential.


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Mulled Cranberry

Mulled wine isn’t the only festive option out there, try this Mulled Cranberry alternative to keep warm by the tree. With flavours including cinnamon, cloves and classic Christmas cranberries you’ll be in the festive mood in no time.

mulled cran

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Frost Bite Mocktail

This Frost Bite Mocktail from The Little Kitchen is our favourite option for a sophisticated low-alcohol dinner party. A combination of pineapple, white grape, fresh mint and blueberries makes this a refreshing pallet cleanser before you settle for your next course. Make sure you have plenty of supplies – this one will be in demand.


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Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Kids and adults alike will love this option. The Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe from BBC Good Food allows everyone their own candy cane, so they can add as much peppermint flavouring to their drink as they desire.

hot choc

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Milk Punch (without the brandy!)

This Milk Punch tastes like a vanilla milkshake with a splash of Christmas, better known as nutmeg. It’s perfect for Christmas brunches and leftover Boxing Day lunches alike and looks quite the part with its frothy festive texture.


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Thanks, Drinkaware for the great recipes!


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