Resources for writing about FASD during (and after) International FASD Awareness Day 2017!


September 9th is International FASD Awareness Day!

September 9 was chosen to highlight the 9 months of a pregnancy, when a woman should abstain from drinking alcohol. Share how you are spreading awareness about International FASD Day with us by using the hashtags #FASDay2017 and #CanFASD

To mark #FASDay 2017, we’re pleased to share two new resources. Because there is increased attention paid to FASD during this time of awareness, it is especially important for those writing about FASD to be armed with research-based information and respectful language. Both documents should be especially helpful for those writing and bringing awareness to FASD during the lead up to #FASDay 2017. Thank you for doing your part!

First is CanFASD’s Common FASD Messaging document, which provides research-based answers for common questions about people with FASD and the issues related to the disability. Take away messages are provided for prevalence and statistics, terminology and language, legal issues, and emerging research. Access the full document here.

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The second resource is a Language Guide produced by the Manitoba FASD Coalition and the Looking After Each Other project. The language guide provides dignity-promoting alternatives to stigma-inducing words or phrases commonly used in society.  It includes substitutes for discussing women who consumed alcohol during pregnancy as well as prevention terminology. Find the full document in English and French here.

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