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FASD2017-2Conference Presentations

Please find below the PDFs and video recordings from the conference presentations.

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Evolutionary Origins of Stigma and the Intersectionality of FASD

Peter W. Choate

The Neuroscience of Addiction: Is it a Choice?

George F. Koob

The Science of Stigma

Patrick Corrigan

How Social Media Anonymity and the Words We Use Sustain Stigma

Kathleen T. Mitchell

Panel Presentation: Living with Stigma – the Not So Pretty

Bernadette Fuhrmann, Niall Schofield, Myles Himmelreich

Main Conference: Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Prevalence and Epidemiologic Characteristics of FASD in General Populations of the United States: Final CoFASP Results

Introduction by: Kenneth R. Warren | Plenary: Philip A. May, Christina D. Chambers

A1. 4 Oral papers

A1d – Social Communicatory Deficits, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Other Neurodevelopmental Consequences Across the Lifespan Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and FASD: Findingsfrom the UK FASD National Specialist Behaviour Management Clinic
Raja Mukherjee

A2. 4 Oral papers

A2a – Ethanol-Induced Neuroinflammation in the Developing Hippocampus: Mast Cells and Microglia
Derick Lindquist

A2b – Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ Agonist Suppression of Neuroinflammation in Animal Models of FASD
Paul Drew

A2c – Methyl Donors and Anti-oxidants Reduce Congenital Heart and Other Defects Induced by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Michiko Watanabe

A2d – Rodent Models for Medication Development and Their Application to Treat Fetal Alcohol Exposure
Susan Barron

A3. 4 Oral Papers

A3b – Initial Steps in Establishing Reservation and Urban Community Support/Resources for AIAN Families Dealing with FASD
Annika Montag

A5. The Essential Role of Growth Deficiency in the Diagnosis of FASD
Susan Astley

A3c – Soft Neurological Signs and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: a Population-based Study in Remote Australia
Barbara Lucas

B1. 4 Oral Papers

B1c – c The Nurse’s Role in Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (aSBI) as an FASD Prevention Strategy
Marilyn Pierce-Bulger

B2. 4 Oral Papers

B2b – Perinatal Maternal Alcohol Consumption and Methylation of the Dopamine Receptor DRD4 in the Offspring: the Triple B Study
Elizabeth Elliott

B2c – Genetic Susceptibility to FASD
Johann Eberhart

Plenary: A Global Picture of FASD: Alcohol, Incidence and Practicality

Vladimir Poznyak, Svetlana Popova, Larry Burd

Main Conference: Friday, March 3, 2017

The Collaborative Initiative on FASD: New Findings on Screening

Edward Riley

Brain Imaging and Connectivity, an Adjunct to Screening

Jeffrey Wozniak

The Use of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Differentiate Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Imparment During a Task Eliciting Emotional Frustration

Julie Kable

miRNA Biomarkers for Fetal Alcohol Exposure in Pregnant Women

Rajesh Miranda

Immune Biomarkers of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: How These Relate to Screening

Joanne Weinberg

Alterations in Genes Impacting Circadian Rhythms and Stress Axis: Possible Markers for FASD

Dipak K. Sarkar

C1. 4 Oral Papers

C1a – Choline as a Neurodevelopmental Intervention in Young Children with FASD
Jeffrey Wozniak

C1b – Prenatal Ethanol Exposure Induces Deficits in Cognitive Function in Adulthood; Improvement with Choline and Behavior Training
Sandra Mooney

C2. 4 Oral Papers

C2d – Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Individuals with Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and a FASD Diagnosis, with and without Exposure to Neglect: A Natural Experiment in Patients Seen in a National FASD Diagnostic Clinic. Initial Findings
Raja Mukherjee

C3. 4 Oral Papers

C3d – Sleep and Melatonin Secretion Abnormalities in Children and Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Louise Scott

D2. 4 Oral Papers

D2a – FASD in Adopted Children in Israel
Emily R Fisher

D2c – Changes in Research, Prevention and Interventions in the Area of FASD in Poland in the Recent Decades
Katarzyna Okulicz-Kozaryn

D3. 4 Oral Papers

D3a – The Prenatal Alcohol History – It Is Hard to Get and it Matters How We Define It
Susan Petryk

D4. Including Sensory Dysregulation (SD) in Every Diagnosis of FASD
Louise Scott, Liv Elliott, Lisa Wahbe

D8a. Optimizing a Clinical Language Measure for Use in Identifying Significant Neurodevelopmental Impairment in Diagnosis of FASD
John C. Thorne

D8b. Characterizing Central Auditory Processing and Sound-in-Noise Listening Deficits in Individuals with FASD
Susan McLaughlin, John C. Thorne, Adrian KC Lee

D10. University of Washington FASDPN Database Released Worldwide
Susan Astley

Main Conference: Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cutting Edge Biomarkers – Are We Getting There?

Elodie Portales-Casamar

Prevalence Rates of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure from Detection of Phosphatidylenthanol (PEth) in Dried Blood Spots

Aileen Baldwin

Serum Aminopeptidase Activity as a Potential Persistent marker of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Paul Gard

Epigenetics of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (epiFASD) Project: Gestational Alcohol Exposure Alters Gene Regulation in Human Placenta

Nina Kaminen-Ahola

E2. 4 Oral Papers

E2a – Stress Reduction Coaching for Caregivers at the FASD Specialist Centre Leipzig
Heike Hoff-Emden

E2b – Quality of Maternal Interaction Ameliorates the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol and/or Opioid Exposures on Infant’s Emotional Regulation at 6 Months of Age
Ludmila Bakhireva

E2c – Exploring the Experiences of Birth Mothers whose Children Have Been Diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Qualitative Study
Raja Mukherjee

E2d – Behaviour in Children with FASD: the Lililwan Study
Elizabeth Elliott

E3. 4 Oral Papers

E3a – Potential Pitfalls and Challenges to Providing Psychological Services for Young People with FASD Within the Western Australian Juvenile Justice System
Annette Paul, Carmela Pestell

E3c – Evaluating the Effectiveness of FASD Prevention in a Remote Indigenous Community in Australia: Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy
Martyn Symons

E5 – Comparison of the FASD 4-Digit Code and Hoyme et al 2016 FASD Diagnostic Guidelines when Applied to the Records of 1,814 Individuals
Susan Astley, Julia Bledsoe, Julian Davies, John C. Thorne

E6. Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Social Behavior Function: Challenges Associated with Navigating the Social World with FASD
Katina Kully-Martens, Sabrina Agnihotri, Parker J. Holman>/em>

E8 – (Sterling Clarren Award Presentation) Northern Ontario Health Care Students’ Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Regarding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Kelly D. Coons

Long Term Chronic Disease Outcomes Following Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Karen Moritz

Plenary Panel: The Lay of the Land: Final Results of a Health Survey of 500+ Adults with Diagnosed FASD

Myles Himmelreich, CJ Lutke, Emily Travis

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