FASD Awareness Increased During Holiday Season


The Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society is spreading the the awareness of FASD.

Everything a woman eats and drinks goes to the baby during pregnancy and alcohol crosses easily into the baby’s body from the mom.

Danna Ormstrup, Executive Director with Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society says there’s a new term for diagnosing this and it’s called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

“It’s a new diagnostic term that looks at kids that have cognitive and developmental deficits that can be directly related to a mothers ingestion of alcohol during pregnancy.”

She says they provide a variety of programs and services for women and families affected by the disorder.

Assistant Kathy Lambourn with the Society says they provide individualized support for their clients.

“My role with an adult will be to ensure they go to appointments that they have made, essentially be a second set of ears for them to follow up and follow through with anything.”

Ormstrup is encouraging people having Christmas parties this year to provide healthy alternatives to alcohol for expecting mothers and adds their mandate is clear.

“The prevention message is clear. No safe time, no safe type, no safe amount when you’re pregnant because alcohol does damage to developing fetuses.”

She adds they’re always looking for ways to contribute to the community in other ways and they will have a float in the High River Santa Claus parade this year and will be accepting donations of toques,mittens and items for the food bank along the parade route.

Retrieved from: http://okotoksonline.com/local/fasd-awareness-increased-during-holiday-season

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