How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy

How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy


If you are planning to conceive then start a healthy regime to be safe during the nine months. Prepare your body for pregnancy as it puts a lot of stress on the woman so optimizing the body health before conceiving is healthy and happy.Your lifestyle can affect the health of the baby because the baby’s development depends on the mother’s body for nourishment and protection. It is good to alter your lifestyle prior to conception by eliminating bad habits and risk factors which might compromise on your health.Here are some ways to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Ways to prepare your body for pregnancy are:

1.Leave smoking as it increases the chances of miscarriage during the 1st trimester. High nicotine levels can also lead to premature labor. Both passive or active smoking decreases woman fertility.

2.Prepare your body for pregnancy by avoiding alcohol consumption. It is risky for the fetal growth and development. Even beer and wine are not healthy for the baby. According to researchers, alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to permanent birth defects, like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

3.Reduce the caffeine intake. One cup of coffee is good but more intake of caffeine items can increase the risk of miscarriage. Go for healthy drinks and milk to stay healthy.

4.Look at your body weight. Overweight or underweight is risky both for the mother and the fetus. Overweight women have are more prone to diabetes or hypertension. Underweight leads to premature underweight babies birth. So start working on your weight and get the optimal weight according to your body height before conceiving.

5.Being physically fit helps dealing with pregnancy and deliver better. If you are not much into exercising then start doing an hour’s work out to stay fit and avoid back pains and strengthen the backbone, common pains in the body during pregnancy.

6.Prepare your body for pregnancy by having prenatal pregnancy vitamins diet to get the iron, folic acid and calcium contents in the body for a healthy baby.

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