CanFASD’s Strategic Lead for Justice Interventions Michelle Stewart, and her research team have created an FASD resource page for front line workers and researchers with information about programs/projects across Canada.


This research project is lead by Dr. Michelle Stewart at the University of Regina. Working with her team of students, Dr. Stewart has a multi-level research project in three key areas:

  • FASD & Social Justice: This multi-year, multi-stage project includes a cross-Canada research trip for interviews with families & workers focused on programs and practices to assist those with  FASD across the lifespan. Data collection is ongoing.
  • FASD & the Lived Experience: This project includes collaborations in BC and Saskatchewan that focus on the lived experiences of people with FASD with attention to the need for life-long supports and experiences of receiving diagnosis. Contact us for infographics available free of charge. Data collection is ongoing.
  • Strengths-Based Workshops:  This pilot project uses strengths-based approach to understanding FASD. The project uses improvisation to explored key issues facing people who have FASD. Preliminary findings will be released in Fall 2016 (including tools such as sleep aids). Contact us for a copy of research infographic.

Visit the following link for more information: https://fasdresearchproject.com/


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