Facts About Alcohol Women Should Know


Most women have engaged in alcohol consumption at some point of time. It might happen to be to satisfy their curiosity, from peer pressure, on their twenty first birthday bash, or simply as part of a celebration. But there are certain facts about alcohol that women must know. Alcohol might help us unwind and enjoy the moment. But you will find women who consume alcohol in excess and also frequently. The result is that it could take a toll on their lives and their health. Consuming significant quantities of alcohol puts women in danger of suffering from health problems including cancer, diabetes and liver problems.

Alcohol depletes the body of the essential nutrients. Most alcoholic women do not eat a healthful diet either. The booze consumed remains in the bloodstream. This ends up playing havoc with the whole body functions.


There are certain facts about alcohol that women should know. Women who drink alcohol on a daily basis are more prone to suffer from breast cancer than women who do not consume alcohol.


Women who drink alcohol while trying to conceive or during pregnancy can cause harm to their foetus. These babies who have alcohol-consuming mothers develop learning and behavioural problems and also are sometimes born abnormal.

Women cannot break down alcohol as efficiently as men. Alcohol consumption in women can also affect their menstrual cycles. It ends up causing stillbirth, premature delivery, miscarriage and infertility.


Alcohol consumption can also cause damaging effects to the brain of women more than men. It also causes alcohol related liver diseases and liver cirrhosis more in women than in men. It has also been found that alcohol addiction runs in the family. According to research, women have been found to be more dependent on alcohol than men. It has been found that among men and women who consume alcohol on a daily basis, women are more prone to become alcoholics.

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