The Abuse Of Alcohol And Women

male_female_nightThe Abuse Of Alcohol And Women

Studies have shown that alcohol tends to affect women more than men. In fact, these studies have shown that alcoholic women have a higher risk of death caused from both accidents and suicides.

In addition to this, women with drinking problems tend to have twice the rate of health issues (compared with alcohol dependent men), issues that are directly due the excessive consumption of alcohol.

While both genders do abuse alcohol, women do it differently.

To understand this process better, it is important that you take a moment to look at the reasons why women drink. After all, you might consider the fact that when it comes to abusing alcohol a woman’s consumption isn’t directly linked to some of the typical reasons out there. Alcoholic women become dependent for a number of reasons.

Abuse Alcohol Woman
Top Three Reasons Why Women Drink

  • They have been victims of sexual and/or physical abuse.
  • They have been through a divorce or are single.
  • They have been bought up in an environment in which alcohol abuse is the norm or are currently in that kind of environment.

When discussing women and alcohol abuse, it is important to understand that women’s bodies process alcohol differently as opposed to men. For example, women tend to have a lower body weight than men. What this means is that it takes less alcohol for a woman to feel the effects of alcohol than it would a man.

However, although they are consuming less alcohol, women are doing as much or more damage to their health. This is also due to their lower body weight.

Clearly, alcohol consumption in women should be monitored closely. There is a fine line between drinking and general health and drinking that impacts negatively on your health.

Abuse Alcohol Woman
What Happens When You Drink Too Much?
Many alcoholic women and men for that matter might only look at the potential legal consequences that they face if they drink too much. A total reliance on the car has led us all to dread being pulled over and charged with DUI.

The truth of the matter is that legal issues arising from over-consumption of alcohol pale into insignificance when compared to the health complications excessive alcohol consumption can bring on.

Such health issues include:

  • Brain Damage: Each time you end up drinking to excess, there is the potential to experience a level of brain damage. Women tend to experience this more than men do.
  • Cancer: Women who tend to drink more than others are at increased risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Depression and Injury: Research has proven that alcoholic women tend to experience higher rates of depression and be more likely to injure themselves in accidents (both auto and non-auto).
  • Victims: When a woman is intoxicated, there is a greater chance that she will become a victim of a sexual or other violent attack.

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