Here I am 7 days without alcohol. It has been an interesting week; with interesting insights. I think the most surprising insight was that I didn’t crave that after work glass of wine or cold beer. I definitely thought about it; don’t get me wrong, a nice cold beer with our hot weather would have been refreshing. However the iced tea I drank was just as refreshing.

I have decided to keep this challenge a secret from people I am close to because I am interested in their reaction. The only person I have told is my fiance (whom I forgot to tell was a secret) and his reaction was to be expected; supportive and non judgemental however he continues to drink daily.

On Wednesday I went out to dinner with my fiance and 4 friends. I ordered a lemonade (and as you know from my last post I normally would be ordering a pint) my fiance immediately felt like he needed to defend my drink order by saying to the table “she is going 30 days without alcohol”. The overwhelming response from the table was regarding the weight that I would lose and that I should start this challenge after the long weekend, so I could enjoy camping. 1. I am all game for the weight loss (none so far but, i’ll keep you posted) 2. why does camping have to be filled with alcohol to be fun?

Our prompt server brought me a lemonade and I took a giant swig of the drink only to find that my lemonade was one stiff drink spiked with Jack Daniels. People at the table were telling me to just drink the drink – its not like I am pregnant. I returned the drink and got a very sincere and concerned apology from our server as she thought I was pregnant. I put her at ease letting her know I was not pregnant and got myself a virgin lemonade. I am happy that everyone involved knows that drinking any amount of alcohol during a pregnancy is not safe and can cause a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). On the flip side as an almost 30 year old women I was still experiencing peer pressure from my friends to drink; even though it didn’t last long it was still there.

On Friday I left for camping for the weekend – the cheapest camping trip I have ever been on due to no alcohol purchases! As per usual when I arrived everyone had a beer or drink in hand already and a few deep at that. Normally I would be cracking a beer along with him; I honestly didn’t even miss it. I just told everyone I wasn’t drinking this weekend because I didn’t feel like it when they asked. I overheard someone ask my mom why I wasn’t drinking and her response was “I am doing a cleanse”…..???? I definitely never said I was doing a cleanse. I found my moms response to me not drinking interesting – why did feel the need to lie or come up with an excuse?

One camper said that they will be able to crack me by the end of the weekend and I would be drinking with them….well I proved them wrong. At the fire on Friday night I was the only one not intoxicated which I found rather isolating. People kept being embarrassed for how drunk they were when they would come to speak with me; saying things like wow I must sound stupid… eventually people just stopped speaking with me or to me, so I went to bed. The next day everyone was hungover so they were not able to participate in the day – I was up at 630am and enjoyed my day in the sun and at the lake even though I spent the day mostly alone and with my pup. Being the only one not hungover was ying and yang – I was happy not to being feeling like complete garbage but I had no one to hang out with and had to keep myself busy until shortly before dinner.

I would like to say that I feel great; but I got heatstroke on the Saturday the day I spent mostly alone and have felt hungover since Sunday which is the most ironic occurrence that could have ever happened. At this point I haven’t noticed much change in my mind, body and soul. I am just noticing everyone around me and their reactions; I find this part quite interesting.

How was everyone else’s week? Similar experiences as me? Any different experiences?

I would love to hear from you.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Social Worker.


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  1. I quit drinking four years ago (August 1) – I quit because I quit smoking and smoking and drinking go hand in hand in my book. But it was also a way to quit drinking without having to justify it. I miss it still. But I don’t miss how it made me feel some mornings. I don’t think I lost any weight. I didn’t do it to lose weight. I did it so I wouldn’t want a cigarette – I’ve started smoking again – because I started dating a smoker and it just became too much …. he doesn’t drink though so I won’t crave drinks. I am not going to be so hard on myself. I’ll try quitting smoking again … but for now the fact that I am no longer drinking is just fine with me. I wish you well on your alcohol free adventure!

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