#WineMoms: Humour and Empowerment or Binge Drinking and Mental Health Challenges?

The term ‘wine mom’ and the culture behind it has grown in recent years as mothers have begun sharing their experiences online on various social

CanFASD Article Summary: Conceptualizing #winemoms in social media

This is a summary of the recent article #sendwine: An analysis of motherhood, alcohol use and #winemom culture on Instagram. For a complete understanding of the

The Conversation: #WineMom: Humour and empowerment or binge drinking and mental health challenges?

Authors: Kelly D. Harding Adjunct Professor, Psychology, Laurentian University Lisa M Whittingham PhD Candidate, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Brock University If you Google

CanFASD: What is a #WineMom and why should we talk about it?

Becoming a mother is a transitional period in a woman’s life involving a number of personal, social, and biological changes. However, researchers have found that