Cutting Down On Drinking Can Help You Quit Smoking

Research has revealed that heavy drinkers who’re attempting to quit smoking could find that limiting their alcohol consumption could also help them to quit smoking.[1] The

Research: Maternal hair testing to disclose self-misreporting in drinking and smoking behavior during pregnancy

Maria DoloresGomez-Roig, EmiliaMarchei, SallySabra, Francesco PaoloBusardò, LuisaMastrobattista, SimonaPichini, EduardGratacós, OscarGarcia-Algar Show more Highlights • Drinking and smoking behavior were assessed during pregnancy through maternal hair analysis. • Ethyl glucuronide and nicotine

Drinking and smoking during pregnancy more deadly than we knew – study

The danger of even low levels of drinking and smoking by a pregnant woman have been researched in an extensive new study conducted in South

Study finds prenatal marijuana use can affect infant size, behavior

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Smoking during pregnancy has well-documented negative effects on birth weight in infants and is linked to several childhood health problems. Now, researchers

Smoking and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy: Findings from the Canadian Community Health Survey

Overall, alcohol and tobacco are the most commonly used drugs during pregnancy in Canada. They are also the two drugs that can be the most

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