CTV News: Modest alcohol consumption can still pose risks for teens, study suggests

A survey from a team of Ontario researchers suggests even modest amounts of alcohol consumption during someone’s high school years can lead to more problematic

Alcohol is killing Canadians, so why are we still drinking?

Most of us are aware of the commonly held belief that drinking wine is good for your heart, but few of us understand the serious dangers of

Drinking and smoking during pregnancy more deadly than we knew – study

The danger of even low levels of drinking and smoking by a pregnant woman have been researched in an extensive new study conducted in South

The Globe And Mail: Ahead of legalization, doctors warn pregnant women of cannabis risks

CARLY WEEKS PUBLISHED 1 DAY AGOUPDATED JUNE 25, 2018 With the legalization of cannabis only a few months away, one of Canada’s top medical organizations

With half of pregnancies unplanned, what ARE the risks of drinking before you know you’re expecting?

Diana Lucia, PhD student and Karen Moritz, Associate Professor, are from the School of Biomedical Sciences, the University of Queensland Survey found 47.3% drank alcohol before

Young people drinking too much, says UVic study

A new study shows that young Canadians are tipping back more drinks than national guidelines recommend. The study, published in the Canadian Journal of Public

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