Research: Risk factors for alcohol use among pregnant women, ages 15–44, in the United States, 2002 to 2017

DvoraShmulewitz, Deborah S.Hasin Highlights 9.9% of pregnant women drank alcohol and 3.4% reported binge drinking in 2002–2017. Drug use and being unmarried increase risk of

Exploring the experiences of birth mothers whose children have been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a qualitative study

Author(s): Robyn Thomas, (Community Mental Health Team, South West London and St Georges Mental Health Trust, Wallington, UK)   Purpose Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is an

Research: The Importance of Intimate Partner Violence in Within‐Relationship and Between‐Person Risk for Alcohol‐Exposed Pregnancy

Arielle R. Deutsch First published: 30 January 2019 Abstract Background Preconceptual prevention programs geared toward reducing alcohol‐exposed pregnancy (AEP) typically emphasize behavioral change of alcohol

Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring alcohol use and misuse at 22 years of age: A prospective longitudinal study

Citation Data: Neurotoxicology and teratology, ISSN: 1872-9738, Vol: 71, Page: 1-5 Publication Year: 2019 Article Description Studies have shown that prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) is related to

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