Alcohol exposure during pregnancy linked with dose-dependent increase in miscarriage risk

Women who consume alcohol during pregnancy -; even in small amounts -; have a 19% greater risk of miscarriage than women who don’t use alcohol,

Research: Accuracy of five self‐report screening instruments for substance use in pregnancy

Steven J. Ondersma , Grace Chang, Tiffany Blake‐Lamb, Kathryn Gilstad‐Hayden, John Orav, Jessica R. Beatty, Gregory L. Goyert, Kimberly A. Yonkers First published: 19 June 2019 Abstract Background and aims The accuracy of

National Evaluation of Canadian Multi-Service FASD Prevention Programs: Interim Findings from the Co-Creating Evidence Study

Deborah Rutman and Carol Hubberstey  Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16(10), 1767; Received: 6 April 2019 / Revised: 10 May 2019 / Accepted: 15 May 2019 /

Chronic low alcohol intake during pregnancy programs sex-specific cardiovascular deficits in rats

Sarah L. Walton, Melissa Tjongue, Marianne Tare, Edmund Kwok, Megan Probyn, Helena C. Parkington, John F. Bertram, Karen M. Moritz and Kate M. Denton Biology of Sex Differences201910:21 Abstract Background Exposure to an adverse environment in early life can have lifelong consequences for risk of cardiovascular

Research: Risk factors for alcohol use among pregnant women, ages 15–44, in the United States, 2002 to 2017

DvoraShmulewitz, Deborah S.Hasin Highlights 9.9% of pregnant women drank alcohol and 3.4% reported binge drinking in 2002–2017. Drug use and being unmarried increase risk of

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