Healthline: Even Low Levels of Tobacco, Alcohol During Pregnancy Can Impact Infant’s Brain Development

In a new study, researchers conclude that even low levels of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy can affect an infant’s brain development. The research builds

Chronic Binge Alcohol Exposure During Pregnancy Alters mTOR System in Rat Fetal Hippocampus

Jehoon Lee , Raine Lunde‐Young, Vishal Naik, Josue Ramirez, Marcus Orzabal, Jayanth Ramadoss First published:25 April 2020 Retrieved from Abstract Background Gestational alcohol exposure can

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy: #Drymester the safest approach

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy leads to poorer cognitive functioning in children, according to the most comprehensive review on the issue to date. The University of

Science News: Special occasion drinking during pregnancy may cause harm

Date: October 9, 2019 Source: The Physiological Society Summary: If you thought a glass or two of alcohol on special occasions was safe during pregnancy,

Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women

Reference: López, M. B., Lichtenberger, A., & Cremonte, M. (2019). Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women. Journal of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Risk and

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