Healthline: Even Low Levels of Tobacco, Alcohol During Pregnancy Can Impact Infant’s Brain Development

In a new study, researchers conclude that even low levels of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy can affect an infant’s brain development. The research builds

Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring alcohol use and misuse at 22 years of age: A prospective longitudinal study

Citation Data: Neurotoxicology and teratology, ISSN: 1872-9738, Vol: 71, Page: 1-5 Publication Year: 2019 Article Description Studies have shown that prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) is related to

Research: Patterns of Prenatal Alcohol Use That Predict Infant Growth and Development

Gretchen Bandoli, Claire D. Coles, Julie A. Kable, Wladimir Wertelecki, Lyubov Yevtushok, Natalya Zymak-Zakutnya,Alan Wells, Irina V. Granovska, Alla O. Pashtepa, Christina D. Chambers, the CIFASD Abstract BACKGROUND:  Previous studies have had inconsistent findings