New study explores why women use marijuana during pregnancy

by Erin Hare, University of Pittsburgh Credit: CC0 Public Domain Marijuana use during pregnancy has doubled in the last decade to become the illicit substance most

New guidelines may reduce risk of legal marijuana in youth

Dr. Brian Goldman · CBC News · January 21 Bongs or water pipes are generally preferable to avoid smoking marijuana although they increase other risks, the authors of new

The Globe And Mail: Ahead of legalization, doctors warn pregnant women of cannabis risks

CARLY WEEKS PUBLISHED 1 DAY AGOUPDATED JUNE 25, 2018 With the legalization of cannabis only a few months away, one of Canada’s top medical organizations

In The News, CBC: Legalization comes with risks: Doctors reminding public that health effects of cannabis use are real

CBC News · Posted: Jun 21, 2018 2:02 PM ET | Last Updated: June 21 Vanessa Markov says she was lethargic and anxious in the

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