Marijuana during pregnancy might be as dangerous as alcohol

Alcohol and marijuana together might make symptoms even worse.Unsplash/Aditya Romansa Marijuana is slowly ditching its illicit reputation. But as recreational use broadens and the drug becomes

New studies suggest prenatal marijuana may be capable of causing FASD-like impairment

RESTON, VIRGINIA–Whether alone or combined with alcohol, new studies included in Birth Defects Research just published by the Teratology Society with John Wiley & Sons, suggest marijuana exposure

Healthy Parents Healthy Children: Cannabis is legal, but what does that mean for mothers when breastfeeding?

Cannabis There is no known safe amount of cannabis (marijuana, hashish, hash oil) to use while breastfeeding. If a mom uses cannabis, it could affect

Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health: What we know about cannabis in the reproductive years

This webinar was presented by Nancy Poole, Director of the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, prevention lead for CanFASD Research Network and the lead

Further Studies Needed on Prenatal Maternal and Paternal Cannabis Use

Addressing comorbid psychiatric problems will be important to decrease cannabis use during pregnancy. Ericksen et al1 have underscored the need for further research on the frequency

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