Young children who see parents consume alcohol form gender-specific perceptions of drinking

by Research Society on Alcoholism Retrived from Young children’s exposure to their mothers’ and fathers’ drinking influences their perceptions of who consumes alcohol, with “vast

Involving youth in alcohol policies: imagining and planning for a better world

Retrieved from :–imagining-and-planning-for-a-better-world “As a child, you’re not trained to think about politics or commercialism. You’re just enjoying life, studying, hanging out with friends.

Proposed alcohol guidelines in Canada recommend no more than 2 drinks per week

By Tom Yun Retrieved from TORONTO (CTV Network) — Newly proposed guidelines for alcohol consumption say Canadians should stick to a maximum of two

Knowing who to trust: women and public health

In this issue of the JME, age-old questions around how to balance the interests of mother and fetus are revisited in two separate contexts: alcohol

Protecting Women and Girls From Tobacco and Alcohol Promotion

Feeny E, Dain K, Varghese C, Atiim G A, Rekve D, Gouda H N et al. Protecting women and girls from tobacco and alcohol promotion BMJ 2021; 374 :n1516 doi:10.1136/bmj.n1516 Women have traditionally consumed less tobacco and alcohol than men because social and

Pregnant women’s alcohol use correlates with their partner’s drinking habits

Rettreived from Source:University of Eastern Finland (UEF Viestintä) Journal reference: Voutilainen, T., Rysä, J., Keski-Nisula, L. & Kärkkäinen, O. (2022) Self-reported alcohol consumption of

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