Canada’s hidden issue with fetal alcohol syndrome

A recent article published in the National Post examines the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in Canada, concluding that the existing underlying drinking problem among

USA: Pregnant women with substance use disorders need treatment, not prison

By MARTY JESSUP More than 210,000 women spent Mother’s Day 2019 in America’s prisons and jails. Two-thirds of them are mothers of young children; an unknown number are

CCSA: Student Suggestions to Reduce Heavy Episodic Drinking

CCSA conducted focus groups on five Canadian post-secondary campuses (110 participants), screening students for heavy episodic drinking to participate. We asked students for their ideas

Youth understanding of substance use and pregnancy

With marketing of alcohol and nicotine delivery products to youth, legalization of cannabis, and the crisis in prescription pain medication use, there are new opportunities

Changes in Drinking Patterns, and Attitudes Toward and Knowledge About Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy in a Population of Pregnant Danish Women

Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel, Aivara Urbute First published: 25 March 2019 Background In 1997, The Danish Health Authority recommended that “it is safest not to drink alcohol

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