Multi-service prevention programs for pregnant and parenting women with substance use and multiple vulnerabilities: Program structure and clients’ perspectives on wraparound programming

Deborah Rutman, Carol Hubberstey, Nancy Poole, Rose A. Schmidt and Marilyn Van Bibber Abstract Background: In Canada, several community-based, multi-service programs aimed at reaching vulnerable

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction: Implications of COVID-19 Webinar Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on public health in Canada, including substance use and access to healthcare services and supports. CCSA’s new webinar

Learning & Actng Together: Perinatal Substance Use monthly Webinar Series

In partnership with the Provincial Perinatal Substance Use Project, the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health invites you to join them for the upcoming webinar

CNN: Marijuana use during pregnancy linked to autism in babies, study says

(CNN) In what they call the largest study ever done, researchers found using marijuana while pregnant may increase the risk that a child will develop

CanFASD Webinar Registration: Supporting Self Regulation with Individuals with FASD

Self-regulation is the ability to regulate your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in response to your environment. Self-regulation is important in our daily lives, but individuals

Miscarriage risk increases each week alcohol is used in early pregnancy

by Vanderbilt University Medical Center Credit: CC0 Public Domain Each week a woman consumes alcohol during the first five to 10 weeks of pregnancy is associated

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