Pregnant Women’s Risk Perception of the Teratogenic Effects of Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy

by Isabel Corrales-Gutierrez, Ramon Mendoza, Diego Gomez-Baya and Fatima Leon-Larios  J. Clin. Med. 2019, 8(6), 907; There is ample evidence of the teratogenic effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, with long-term consequences throughout

Research: The Importance of Intimate Partner Violence in Within‐Relationship and Between‐Person Risk for Alcohol‐Exposed Pregnancy

Arielle R. Deutsch First published: 30 January 2019 Abstract Background Preconceptual prevention programs geared toward reducing alcohol‐exposed pregnancy (AEP) typically emphasize behavioral change of alcohol

CTV: How Canadian universities are trying to stop students from binge-drinking

Emerald Bensadoun, The Canadian Press Published Tuesday, August 27, 2019 1:11PM EDT    Reka Rossignol remembers feeling a mix of frustration and fear while trying

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