Keep the Conversation Going

Like all effective and memorable conversations, The Prevention Conversation is “organic”. It is a fluid two-way discussion carried forward not by the dictates of a fixed agenda but by responsiveness and care.

That said, The Prevention Conversation needs to keep the focus on the FASD prevention message.

To be responsive yet focussed, use hallmarks of the women’s health determinants perspective as conversational anchors.

Respectful “Is this a scary, exciting, or unhappy time for you…”

Self – Determining “What does this pregnancy mean for you?”

Health Promoting “There are lots of conflicting messages out there. You’re probably ready to know the truth about drinking alcohol during pregnancy.”

Relational “My hope for you is a healthy outcome surrounded by those who support you.”

Supportive of Mothering “I’d like to help you look after the well-being of your child the best  you can.”

Harm Reduction Oriented “I’m glad you told me. I know you’re concerned about what’s happened so far… but it’s never too late to stop drinking.”

Women-Centred “What do you need? And how can I help you do it?”

Trauma Informed “I understand how difficult it is to quit. What do you need to not drink?”


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