A reduction in reported alcohol use in pregnancy in Australian Aboriginal communities: a prevention campaign showing promise

Martyn Symons, Maureen Carter, June Oscar, Glenn Pearson, Kaashifah Bruce, Kristy Newett, James P. Fitzpatrick Abstract Objective: Aboriginal leaders in remote Western Australian communities with

mtltimes: Drinking alcohol and baby making don’t mix

Tomorrow, the Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD) will launch its first-ever national social media campaign. The eight-week campaign will shed light on

How “Mommy Juice” Culture Gives Rise to Alcohol Normalization

Alcohol use is rising among women of all ages, and even more so during COVID seclusion. Whether they were in-person or now on Zoom, have you

Pregnant Women’s Acceptability of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Screening and Willingness to Disclose Use in Prenatal Care

Signy M.Toquinto CNM, WHNP, MS, MA, Nancy F.Berglas DrPH, Monica R.McLemore RN, MPH, PhD, AnaDelgado CNM, MS, Sarah C.M.Roberts DrPH https://doi.org/10.1016/j.whi.2020.05.004 Abstract Purpose Despite the

Marijuana use while pregnant boosts risk of children’s sleep problems

Source: University of Colorado at Boulder Summary: As many as 7% of moms-to-be use marijuana while pregnant, and that number is rising fast as more

Alcohol, Pregnancy, and your Mental Health during COVID-19

As we stay home to protect ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation and physical distancing increases stress and for some, increases their alcohol intake to

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