Global News: More pregnant women are using cannabis despite its dangers, study

More pregnant women are using cannabis, research shows, despite warnings of its danger from health officials. According to a recent U.S. study, the number of women who

Have you seen… #Drymester, Helping Parents-To-Be Go Alcohol Free

#Drymester is here to inspire and support people to go alcohol free when pregnant or planning a pregnancy. There’s lots of different advice out there

Identification of substance use disorders among pregnant women: A comparison of screeners

GraceChang, Steven J.Ondersma, TiffanyBlake-Lamb, KateGilstad-Hayden, E.John Orav, Kimberly A.Yonkers Highlights • Prenatal exposure to alcohol and other substances is common. • Such exposures can be consequential to the developing

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A systematic review of the cost of and savings from prevention in the United States and Canada

The literature on the costs of and savings from prevention of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) was reviewed and a model for the US and

CanFASD: Art Competition

Calling all Canadian artists with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)! Since 2016, CanFASD has been hosting an art competition for individuals with FASD. The winner’s

Many women and health care providers assume CBD safe during pregnancy despite lack of research

While most women of childbearing age understand drinking alcohol while pregnant is harmful, they may be less skeptical about the safety of cannabidiol (CBD), even

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