Changes in Drinking Patterns, and Attitudes Toward and Knowledge About Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy in a Population of Pregnant Danish Women

Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel, Aivara Urbute First published: 25 March 2019 Background In 1997, The Danish Health Authority recommended that “it is safest not to drink alcohol

Substance Use Disorders and Stigma

Click here to download the infographic. Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to seeking and receiving treatment for people with substance use disorders. Stigma

Chronic low alcohol intake during pregnancy programs sex-specific cardiovascular deficits in rats

Sarah L. Walton, Melissa Tjongue, Marianne Tare, Edmund Kwok, Megan Probyn, Helena C. Parkington, John F. Bertram, Karen M. Moritz and Kate M. Denton Biology of Sex Differences201910:21 Abstract Background Exposure to an adverse environment in early life can have lifelong consequences for risk of cardiovascular

Tips for Talking about Sexual Health

All Children Your child sees you as a role model and a valuable and credible source of information. They want to get health information from

5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve and Return

Child-adult relationships that are responsive and attentive—with lots of back and forth interactions—build a strong foundation in a child’s brain for all future learning and

Health Impacts of Alcohol

Alcohol carries a special social and cultural significance in Canada. It is also the most commonly used substance. While drinking is a personal choice, those

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