CanFASD: Media Week #3: “You Don’t Want to Drink? What are you, Pregnant?!”: Representations of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy on Television

Eric Harding is a graduate student in the History Department at Laurentian University. He is also an Academic Writing Coach and a Research Assistant contributing

In The News: SickKids shuts down Motherisk helplines after grants, donations ‘reduced to zero’ (Toronto)

The Hospital for Sick Children has shut down its Motherisk helplines for new mothers and pregnant women. The Motherisk program had a call centre and

Article: Pregnant women less likely to get depression treatment, may turn to substance use, study finds

by Aneri Pattani Half of all pregnant women who experience depression do not get any treatment, and some may turn to alcohol, marijuana, and opioids

CanFASD: Media Week #2: Celebrities who have Committed to Limiting Alcohol Consumption

There are a number of reasons people may use alcohol in excess, including previous trauma, genetic susceptibility to alcohol use disorder, or to alleviate psychological

Science Daily: Mindful body awareness training during treatment for drug addiction helps prevent relapse

April 16, 2019 Source: University of Washington Summary: A novel type of body awareness training helps women recover from drug addiction, according to new research.

Most women don’t know the link between alcohol and breast cancer

By Maria Isabel Acosta Lopez According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer. For every 10g (around

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