New Terrain: Tools to Integrate Trauma and Gender Informed Responses into Substance Use Practice and Policy

    There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of trauma, gender, and sex (TGS) informed approaches in all areas of the substance use field,

The Alcohol Pharmacology Education Partnership: When Can Alcohol Damage the Fetus?

Prenatal alcohol exposure can damage the fetus during the entire pregnancy, but depending on when the exposure occurs determines which organ is affected. Pregnancy can

Brain Studies Point to Perils of Adolescent Alcohol Use

May 17, 2018 by NIAAA The brain takes longer to develop and mature than any other organ in the body. Beginning in the third week

Improving communication of guidance on drinking alcohol in pregnancy

Advice about alcohol consumption during pregnancy could be conveyed more effectively to parents and health professionals, research at Cardiff University has found. Since 2016, guidance

Girls, Women, Alcohol, and Pregnancy: New Annotated Bibliography of 2017 Articles on FASD Prevention

Each year since 2013, researchers associated with the Prevention Network Action Team (pNAT) of the CanFASD Research Network search the academic literature for articles related

Dispensaries Think Weed Is Safe to Treat Morning Sickness. It’s Not.

As marijuana legalization expands and cannabis products become more common, consumers suddenly find they have access to alternative cannabis-derived treatments that claim to help a

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