Register now for the March 21, 2018, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Webcast

Join us for this free webcast entitled: Let’s Get Real: the FASD Prevention Conversation Adolescent Project. “The FASD Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility,” is a province wide

Resource: Make a Difference, Talk To Your Child About Alcohol

Did you know… With so many drugs available to young people these days, you may wonder, “Why develop a booklet about helping kids avoid alcohol?”

Discredited Motherisk hair-testing program harmed vulnerable families: report

PAOLA LORIGGIO TORONTO THE CANADIAN PRESS A review of nearly 1,300 child welfare cases spanning 25 years has found that a now-discredited hair analysis program

Alcohol among biggest risk factors of early-onset dementia: Canadian study

By Dani-Elle Dubé National Online Journalist, Smart Living  Global News Chronic heavy drinking is the most important and biggest preventable risk factor for every type of

In The News: Montana Prosecutor’s Crackdown on Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs Could Harm Women’s Health

Last month, a Montana prosecutor made a major move to criminalize pregnant women. Big Horn County Attorney Gerald “Jay” Harris announced he would issue civil

A free online course from the AFWI: BRAIN STORY CERTIFICATION

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Lifelong health is determined by more than just our genes: experiences at sensitive periods of development change the brain in ways that increase or

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