We can’t ignore opioids

The opioid crisis is more widespread in Alberta than many people think. It’s worked its way into our cities, towns, suburbs and homes. Nobody is

Pregnancy Pathways program to offer stable housing for homeless mothers

Marissa Nakoochee was pregnant with her son when she was evicted from her home in 2006. Now she’s speaking out for a program that will

Preventing violence against women and girls

Alberta has some of the highest rates of violence in Canada. These include: intimate partner violence sexual violence missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

Yukon rolls out world-first — labels warning alcohol can cause cancer

Alcohol is a huge part of Canadian life, advertised as ‘fun,’ but consumers have a right to know the health risks, says scientist behind project

Study sheds light on how young people’s emotional associations affect alcohol preferences

The Globe and Mail: ADRIANA BARTON A young woman looking for liquid courage walks up to a bar and orders something stiff: bourbon on the rocks.

Prevention with Women Living with FASD

Many women who have FASD are able to benefit from tailored support on substance use problems. Audrey McFarlane, Executive Director of Lakeland Centre for FASDin

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