Drugs and pregnancy — ‘tremendous stigma’ stops many women from coming forward

CBC News Posted: Oct 30, 2017 10:29 PM ET About 30 pregnant or parenting women in Sudbury are trying to recover from drug addiction with

Who coined the term “mocktail” anyway?

Well, it just so happens that I bumped into an article from a 1983 issue of American Speech where the answer was to be found (please don’t

Are You In The Know, On Birth Control?

Whether you’re a man or woman, understanding your birth control options is important when you want to prevent pregnancy, start trying to become pregnant, or

There is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, new study shows

Date: October 24, 2017 Source: Binghamton University Summary: Any amount of alcohol exposure during pregnancy can cause extreme lasting effects on a child, according to

Developing and Testing Alcohol and Pregnancy Campaign Messages: Exploring What Works with Women

An article published by Kathryn E. France and colleagues in the journal Substance Use & Misuse looks at the development and testing of advertising concepts

FIFTH ESTATE: Motherisk hair test evidence tossed out of Colorado court 2 decades before questions raised in Canada

By Lisa Mayor, John Chipman, CBC News A U.S. court laid out extensive problems with how hair-strand tests were being done at the Motherisk Drug Testing Lab at

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