Alcohol or Drug Use During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, everything you eat, drink, or take into your body affects you and your growing baby (fetus). Pregnant women often need to make changes

Child Abuse Can Impair Brain Wiring

For the first time, researchers have been able to see changes in the neural structures in specific areas of the brains of people who suffered

Violence, Trauma, and Substance Use

Background on the Connections I have come to believe that trauma is the problem, and substance use the solution . . . until the solution

Guilt, shame and redemption: coping with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Annette Cutknife holding her 13-month-old son Daniel in November 1989 The past Annette Cutknife gave birth to her son Daniel on October 31, 1988. Right

28 days on the land: Is this the future of addictions treatment in Nunavut?

Kathleen Hogaluk, left, and her mother, Cecilia, at the addictions treatment program in Cambridge Bay. (Kate Kyle/CBC) Kathleen Hogaluk is nervous about what the next

No, Scientists Didn’t Say Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Is Okay

There were quite a few headlines making the rounds last week that light drinking during pregnancy “might be okay”. This was apparently based on a recent study.

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