Looking for Adolescents with FASD for an Intervention Study in Vancouver and Edmonton!

The University of Alberta and University of British Columbia are doing an intervention study in self-regulation for adolescents with FASD in the Edmonton and Vancouver areas. They

Fathers and alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Alcohol consumption during preconception and pregnancy is generally considered to be the prospective mother’s responsibility, with many current international alcohol policy guidelines recommending the reduction

Do Women Really Stop Drinking When They Find Out They’re Pregnant?

Recommendations surrounding women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy haven’t always been straightforward or easy to digest. Prime example: Whether or not it’s safe to drink

International Conference on FASD: Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations Please find below the PDFs and video recordings from the conference presentations. Pre-Conference: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Evolutionary Origins of Stigma and the

Unhealthy outlook for women worldwide

This past week we celebrated International Women’s Day. Taking center stage in our thoughts that day was the empowerment and rights of women, as well

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