Are women increasingly at risk of addiction?

Last year, American novelist Joyce Maynard faced a harsh realization: Her habit of reaching for a glass of wine whenever she felt stressed had crossed

Epigenetics studies of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: where are we now?

The study of epigenetic mechanisms is fast on its way to becoming an important method for understanding and potentially diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

Reconciliation the theme of national FASD conference at U of R

    Rachel Tambour was seven weeks along before realizing she was pregnant with her son. She would “whoop it up” on weekends, and had

CanFASD is looking for volunteers! We want to hear from adults with FASD about their successes at work

New UBC study reaffirms link between genes and addiction

New UBC study reaffirms link between genes and addiction Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine have genetically engineered mice that resisted the lure of cocaine

Suit against Wisconsin’s ‘cocaine mom’ law could go to trial this year

A lawsuit challenging a Wisconsin law that allows the state to detain pregnant women suspected of drug or alcohol abuse is scheduled for trial in

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